An Evening of Listening event on Immigration and Refugees was held at Saint Paul’s Cathedral on May 11, 2017. At the conclusion of our time together, we created a top ten list of what we can do as a result of what we have learned. The list is as follows:

  1. Provide “Know Your Rights” seminars, keeping in mind the need to be creative on how they are offered and how people are invited to be a part of them.
  2. Seek education and collaboration and be intentional regarding becoming a sanctuary congregation.
  3. Be an informed voter. Be especially aware of what 287(g) is and how candidates view it, uphold it, abide by it, etc. Here is a link to a program which discusses the structure and issues relating to a 287(g) program by the American Immigration Council.
  4. Write letters to elected officials, editorials to local media, and thank you notes to the leaders of sanctuary cities.
  5. Collaborate with other local churches especially those who serve a high  number of the immigrant population. Seek ways to support all people, connecting people who need resources like immigration attorneys to the resources available.
  6. Meet an immigrant and hear their story. Hold forums and opportunities to hear the stories of immigrants and refugees.
  7. Get a copy of the documentary from Oklahoma City University called, “Here For Good: The Latino Experience in Oklahoma.” It can be found here. Collaborate and become a partner of the OCU Center for Borderland Studies.
  8. Consider a church and/or organization policy on ICE… be prepared to ask for a warrant to allow them on to your property.
  9. Take a stand for the right thing. Be courageous. Speak up.
  10. Pray for all people, especially immigrants and refugees.


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